Search ends for missing woman in Garden Ridge


State, county and volunteer searchers Saturday joined the search for a woman missing more than a week in Garden Ridge, but could find no trace of her.

Garden Ridge police assisted by DPS, Comal and Bastrop county deputies, and members of volunteer search groups fanned across a search area covering 23 square miles looking for any sign of Leanne Bearden.

According to a the Garden Ridge Police Department the search resulted in no signs of Bearden.

Her husband and family reported the woman missing Jan. 17.

They say she went for a walk and never returned to the home of her in-laws.

Her husband and friends say the couple recently returned from a long international trip and was visiting his family in Garden Ridge.

A DPS helicopter cruised the skies over Garden Ridge Saturday morning searching for the missing 33-year-old.

Law enforcement and volunteer searchers combed through brushy areas on the ground.

Search dogs led the groups over areas where Bearden might be.

Her husband says she went for a walk last Friday and never returned.

He believes she might have fallen in the rough wooded areas around Garden Ridge.

Garden Ridge Police Chief Donna O’Conner says they continue to follow all leads, but they believe Leanne Bearden might have simply gone for a walk and become lost or disoriented.

She says intensive investigation has led them to believe she did not meet with foul play at the family home, or in the immediate area. 

Garden Ridge police are asking anyone with information on Bearden’s whereabouts to contact Comal County Crime Stoppers or the Garden Ridge Police Department by email at

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