Holmes Smokehouse to bring 150 jobs to Lufkin

City of Lufkin is seeing growth on a project that they have been nurturing for
the past year and a half.

new roads, to fast food chains and now a major corporation, meat packing
company Holmes Smokehouse is ready to call Lufkin home.

Lufkin facility has sat idle for the past five years, but according to Mayor
Bob Brown the new year means new life and a new owner for the property.

will take the Lufkin brand where ever they go, they will be a great ambassador
for Lufkin,” said Brown.

the City of Lufkin announced that Holmes smokehouse will move into the facility
early next year.

smokehouse accepted an incentive package from the city and will create 150
new jobs.

a win win on both sides, the jobs will come to Lufkin and he will create the
environment for employment,” said Brown.

10 year tax abatement will start in January of 2015.The company has to maintain
115 jobs to receive a 4,000 dollar incentive for each job created.

will not only produce the tube type sausage but they will also smoke turkey and
there will be some office type jobs and then the management side,” said

Smokehouse currently has another plant in Burton, Texas that Brown says
they’ve out grown and he says once the transition is made they will promote the
fact they are headquartered in Lufkin

“This gives them the chance to expand and they have a
tremendous Christmas business and they are trying to make it a year round deal,”
said Brown.

The 50,000 square foot facility will house the production of
products such as pecan-smoked sausage, hot dogs and jerky.

From highway construction to business expansion and the latest
fast food chain, change is on the horizon in the city of Lufkin.

“We’ve got a Panda Express coming in, we’ve got the 59
flyover going on there is just lots of activity in Lufkin,” said Brown.

And Brown hopes the combination of development will continue to
advance the growing city.

Tuesday night the Lufkin City Council endorsed the package.

The incentive will accelerate if they reach 150 jobs.

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